Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Recap 6.21.09

We headed over to Fecal Face Dot Gallery (FFDG) for the latest installment of their "In-N-Out" series, which featured Brett Amory:

I really enjoyed a new series of small paintings (above) based on a dream:

Amory also had a couple of new pieces from the "Waiting" series up:

Sadly, the show was only up for four days and is already down. As the name implies, the "In-N-Out" series are week long shows with openings on Thursdays.

Amory (below right) was in attendance taking questions. If you missed the FFDG show, keep watching the Arteaser Calendar to find out about future Bay Area shows with Amory's work:

On Friday, I ventured back to Hayes Valley for the opening of "Dive In" at Zonal:

Featuring aquatic themed prints and paintings by Leslie Morgan, the show will be up through July:

The nostalgic elements of Morgan's work fit well with Zonal's aesthetic:

Live music by Grinn & Barrett:

Most of the work in the show was paintings over photographs, including some from the "Pool Glee" series:

A couple of Morgan's oil paintings from the "In-Sync" series were downstairs:

Grab your suit and don't forget the sunscreen!

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