Thursday, October 1, 2009

Weekend Guide 10.1.09

We're hunting for something red...
Oh, duh, October is right here!
Seriously, though, there's a LOT going on this month and the first weekend is no exception:

Openings and Events

Megan Wolfe and Brett Amory at Terminal 22 on Friday, October 2 6-10pm

Katie Gilmartin and Mike Kimball at City Art Gallery on Friday, October 2 7-10pm

Rebecca Goldfarb at SlaughterhouseSpace on Saturday, October 3 5-8pm

ArtSpan's SF Open Studios Preview Gala on Saturday, October 3 6-10pm

Mike Kimball at SOMArts on Sunday, October 4 4-7pm

Ongoing Shows

Mike Kimball at Sun Gallery through October 17

Katie Gilmartin at the Triton Hotel Mezzanine Gallery through October 21

Fernando Reyes at Underglass through October 24

Mike Kimball at Market Street Gallery through October

Phillip Hua in SFAC's Art in Storefronts through January

As usual, for more shows featuring artists interviewed on Arteaser, check out the Arteaser Calendar. Also, get updates when new shows are added to the calendar by following the Arteaser Twitter feed!

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