Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Recap 2.9.09

My first stop was the "Supernatural" show at Hang Gallery Annex, which included geometric abstractions by Facundo Arganaraz (below):

On display through February, the show also included angelic deer by Thomas Frongillo (below):

Focused on both animal figures and landscapes elements of natural imagery, the show featured ghostly trees by Ute Zaunbauer (below):

I then crossed the street to the main Hang Gallery, which was opening its Freya Prowe show, "Black Water":

In rich, textured ink pieces, Freya Prowe portrays a watery dreamscape:

Fairies, fish and other sea creatures inhabit and do battle on a monochromatic landscape that bubbles with fairy-tale tension: 

Prowe creates her pieces on a variety of surfaces: wood, panel, and zinc among them:

The show will be on display through February:

Finally, I made my way over to Frey Norris Gallery for the opening of Joshua Hagler's "72 Virgins to Die For":

Hagler's powerful paintings and installations explore notions of purity and violence across various settings:

His work suggests a darker truth to the pursuit of purity:

Hagler draws on religious, historical, social and gastronomic references:

The show is on display through February:

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