Saturday, February 28, 2009

Monster Drawing Rally Recap

As the public transportation gods were smiling upon me last night, I was able to catch the first hour of Southern Exposure's 9th Annual Monster Drawing Rally at Verdi Club

Over 100 local artists, including Brett Amory, participated in the fundraising event. Drawing in one-hour shifts, the artists' completed work was available for sale for $60:

Despite attending the early part of the show when the collection of completed works was smallest, the hall quickly grew crowded:

Megan Wolfe was one of the many volunteers that helped produce the event, staffing the registration desk, check-out tables, and facilitating sales of completed works:

Completed works were posted on the wall for buyers to claim. I was sad to miss the event's culmination with buyers positioning for works like floor traders on the New York Stock Exchange:

Watch for more events with artists featured on Arteaser on the Arteaser Calendar.

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