Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Year Anniversary!

A year ago today, I published my first story on
Javier Chalini here on Arteaser. There was no explanation at the time of what Arteaser was and in many ways I was still figuring that out myself. Over the last year, I've published stories on 34 San Francisco Bay Area artists and attended numerous gallery openings and events, including the contemporary art fairs in New York. Since I've turned on Google Analytics last October, the site has had about 3300 unique visitors from 73 countries. On the qualitative side, the feedback I've recieved from artists and readers has been really positive and encouraging.

In short, I'm happy with how the first year of Arteaser has played out and my only regret is not having more time to meet with artists and participate more in the vibrant art city that is San Francisco. I'd like to thank all the artists that I've covered, as well as Natalie Hegert of ArtSlant, fellow SF art bloggers Michael Yochum of SFArtNews and Alan Bamberger of ArtBusiness, and members (past and present) of the SF gallery scene that have embraced Arteaser: Sharon Reaves of Reaves Collection, Kent Baer and Eli Ridgway of BaerRidgway, Jenny Hay of HANGArt, as well as the many who have let me take photos at their venues!

Finally, I'd love to hear more from readers on what you think about the first year of Arteaser? Please leave a comment with your thoughts :)

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