Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekend Guide 3.19.10

"Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is." - Jackson Pollock

Openings and Events 

Fernando Reyes at the Art International Fair Friday, March 19 through Sunday, March 21

Leslie MorganGeorgianne Fastaia, and Fernando Reyes at the Barber Lounge on Saturday, March 20 7-10pm     

Ongoing Shows 

Megan Wolfe at Gallery Heist through March 28

Freya Prowe at the Uptown through March 

Mike Kimball at Arc Gallery through March

Sevilla Granger at Monterey County Center through October
As usual, for more shows featuring artists profiled on Arteaser, check out the Arteaser Calendar. Also, get updates when new shows are added to the calendar by following the Arteaser Twitter feed of becoming a fan onFacebook!

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