Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weekend Guide 11.5.09

Going once! Going twice! Sold! It's auctions and more this weekend. Check it out!:

Openings and Events

Sarah Newton at the Fairfield Center Gallery on Friday, November 6 6-9pm

Brett Amory at Fabric8 on Friday, November 6 6-9pm

Katie Gilmartin at City Art Gallery on Friday, November 6 7-10pm

Megan Wolfe at the Academy of Art Faculty & Alumni Auction on Saturday, November 7 2-5pm
  • Preview party at 79 Gallery on Thursday, November 5-7:30pm
Fernando Reyes at ProArts Annual BoxArt Benefit Auction on Saturday, November 7 6-9pm

Barbara Kleinhans and Steve Javiel at Studio Gallery on Sunday, November 8 2-6pm

Steve Javiel painting live at Air Lounge on Sunday, November 8 5-10pm

Ongoing Shows

Rebecca Goldfarb at The Stanford Clayman Institute through November 6

Rebecca Goldfarb at SlaughterhouseSpace through November 7

Joshua Hagler at Frey Norris Gallery through November 15

Erika Meriaux at Aspect Gallery through mid-November

Brian McDonald at Blackbird Bar through mid-November

Mike Kimball at Sanchez Art Center through December 5

Phillip Hua in SFAC's Art in Storefronts through January

As usual, for more shows featuring artists interviewed on Arteaser, check out the Arteaser Calendar. Also, get updates when new shows are added to the calendar by following the Arteaser Twitter feed!
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