Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekend Guide 4.21.10

I've been leading off the Weekend Guide with inspirational (perhaps even cheesy) artist and related quotes. But this week, if feel a bit more inspired by these beautiful photographs of the volcanic eruption in Iceland...

Openings and Events

Josh Hagler, Phillip Hua, and Leslie Morgan at the Visual Aid Spring Auction on Thursday, April 22 6-9pm

Georgianne Fastaia at Art Explosion open studios on Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm (reception Friday 7-11pm)

Sevilla Granger the 1890 Bryant Street open studios on Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm (reception Friday 6-9pm) 
Ongoing Shows

Mike Kimball and Leslie Morgan at City Arts Gallery through April

Philippe Jestin at L'Alliance Francaise through April

Georgianne Fastaia at Artist Xchange through April

Leslie Morgan at Coupa Cosas through April

Ted Vasin at Limn Gallery through May 1

Rebecca Goldfarb at BaerRidgway through May 1

Marie Bourget at Michael Angelo Gallery through May 2

Megan Wolfe at Fabric8 through May 10

Leslie Morgan, Georgianne Fastaia, and Fernando Reyes at the Barber Lounge through June

Sevilla Granger at Monterey County Center through October

As usual, for more shows featuring artists profiled on Arteaser, check out the Arteaser Calendar. Also, get updates when new shows are added to the calendar by following the Arteaser Twitter feed of becoming a fan on Facebook!
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