Monday, March 16, 2009

Bridge New York

From Pulse, we made our way to our last stop, Bridge New York. Our first stop was New York-based Susan Eley Fine Art:

We enjoyed a couple sets of paintings by Japanese artist, Kentaro Hiramatsu (above and below):

A couple mixed media pieces by Tracy Silva Barbosa (below) also caught my attention:

Another piece by Barbosa (below):

Finally, we paused at a set of encaustic pieces by California-based artist Amber George:

I next stopped into New York's Collective Gallery:

I enjoyed digital prints by Gary St. Clare (above) and photography by Frank August (below):

The only San Francisco gallery that I found at Bridge was Toomey Tourell, which was exclusively featuring works by Igor Josifov:

The burned image portraits above are based on photographs taken by the artist over several trips. However, the primary display was a performance piece where the artist had a line tattooed across his scalp (video is below top):

The line signified the separation of the two halves of the brain, which killed a friend of the artist after she suffered a tragic bicycling accident. Portraits of the victim, Renata, wrapped around the booth (above), while an illuminated cast of her face gazed up from the floor (below):

Finally, we stopped at Mexico City's Ginocchio Galeria:

There, we enjoyed paintings by Hugo Lugo (above and below) that were done on paper made to look like pages from a giant notebook:

That wraps up our coverage of this year's New York Contemporary Art Fairs. Check out the Arteaser Calendar to see local shows and events featuring artists that have been interviewed by artists interviewed on Arteaser.

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