Sunday, March 8, 2009

Scope New York

I spent this Saturday visiting several art fairs going on in New York City with my dear friend Rex and Sharon Reaves of San Francisco's Reaves Gallery:

Our first stop was Scope NY at the Lincoln Center, where over 40 galleries held booths. There we found San Francisco's Shooting Gallery:

In addition to works by Greg Gossel (above) was a large piece of assembled homeless signs by EriK Foss:

Works by Ron English (below) were also am display with the Shooting Gallery. We also had a chance to meet Libby Nicholaou (below, far right):

Also representing San Francisco at Scope was Lincart:

The gallery featured work by Charles Linder (below left), among others:

Several works by Jeff McMillan were also on display (below):

Graham Gillmore also had several works selected for the Lincart booth:

The Costa Rican-based Jacob Karpio Galeria had some intriguing works by New York artist Jordan Eagles, who uses blood as one of his materials:

NY-based dFAULKEN was present with five artists:

Karim Hamid (above and below right) had several pieces on display:

Also with dFAULKEN was painter Sara Carter (above left):

From Miami was the Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, which featured works by five artists, including Anne Brunet (below):

I enjoyed a matchbox book by Julie Lopez (below). The drawing portrays the artist's route home:

From Madrid was Galeria Fernando Pradilla:

Dominating Fernando Pradilla were several works by Juan Francisco Caras (above and below):

Casas uses bic blue pens to create his photo-realistic portraits on paper:

Munich-based Galerie Andreas Binder featured five artists in its booth:

Among the works at Andreas Binder were paintings by Matthias Meyer (above) and works by Tina Berning (below):

Jonathan LeVine Gallery from New York featured Camille Rose Garcia (below) exclusively:

Hamburg-based Heliumcowboy Artspace had a decidedly low-tech presence:

Bringing virtually no materials, artist Jon Burgerman (below center) was on-site creating original works with the help of "lab assistants", Jorg (right) and Ollie (left):

Stay tuned for more coverage of New York's art fairs!

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