Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pulse New York 2009

After the Armory Show (and some much needed sustenance) we headed down to Pier 40 for Pulse New York. In terms of tracking down San Francisco galleries participating in the shows in New York, I hit the jackpot. 

Baer Ridgeway Exhibitions was showing several local Bay Area artists, including Brion Nuda Rosch (above) and Clare Rojas (below):

Work by Chris Duncan (below) was also on display:

My personal heritage obliged me to stop at the Lena & Roselli Gallery booth, apparently the only Hungarian gallery at New Yorks contemporary art fairs:

The gallery was featuring Hungarian artists Istvan Nadler (above) and Laszlo Lakner (below):

This piece by Jamie Vasta (below) was at the booth of San Francisco's Patricia Sweetow Gallery:

The gallery was featuring a number of works by David Huffman, including this large piece (below):

David Huffman also had a glittery piece (below):

Next, I stopped by San Francisco's Rena Bransten Gallery, where I enjoyed this piece by  Vic Muniz (below):

The gallery also featured a colorful photographic series by Uta Barth (below):

I paused at a series of eerie works by CCAC grad, Marci Washington (below):

My next stop was Marx & Zavattero, also of San Francisco:

The gallery was showing works by David Hevel exclusively: 

The show, called "How Deep Is Your Love," included over a dozen adorned porcelain monkey statues (above and below):

Finally, San Francisco's Catherine Clark Gallery featured several artists. The installation piece below required the viewer to step on a platform to prompt the video and music over headphones:

Sandow Birk and Elyse Pignolet had an intriguing piece using airport imagery: 

A detail of their piece, "The 99 Names of God (SFO)", is below:

On a similarly Middle Eastern inspired theme, the gallery was showing a peice by Al Farrow built using bullets and artillery shells (below):

I enjoyed Christoph Draeger's 8000 piece puzzle (below):

The gallery was also showing work by Chester Arnold (below):

One final chapter in the New York Contemporary Art Fair series remains: Bridge...

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